Schematic, simulation. Optional:
optimization & sensitivity



Analog Rails Frontend is an OA native schematic + simulation IC design environment with built in measurements and an infinite supply of simulators. Waveform data backannotates into schematic and even colorizes fets.

  • Migration tool
  • Familiar & compatable schematic
  • Synchronized schematic, waveform, HED
  • Infinite supply of simulator licenses
  • Includes TSMC approved MSIM licenses
  • Analysis/measures saved in schematic
  • Built-in AC, DC, Transient measurements
  • Customize measurements. Attach to symbols
  • Backannotate waveform's transient point
  • Corners built in
  • Optimizer runs dc, ac, tran over corners
  • Sensitivity pinpoints measurement's culprit
  • Takes 1/2 day to learn
Optimization made easy

Icon OptimizerPlace your measurements and analysis components in our OA based schematic, choose properties (including transistor operating regions) to optimize, go to lunch. Return to see the final circuit sized according to spec over all corners. Runs AC, DC, and transients at the same time on multiple machines.

Simulators ship with Analog Rails

Gnucapplus and Msim are packaged and supported in Analog Rails. Msim supports TSMC and most other foundry models. A simulator license comes with the tool. Users can also run other 3rd party simulators. Our netlister is customizable. You can even netlist out Verilog-AMS.

Measurements and analysis components in the schematic

Place settling time, overshoot, bandwidth, phase margin, risetime, and etc. components into the schematic, along with multiple analysis components (ac, dc, tran, pss, etc). Corner setups are included in the analysis components.

Sensitivity Analysis

All measurement receive the variation and the largest culprits, both the devices and their parameters, causing the variation.

Process Migration Tool

Easily retarget your schematics from one process to another. Move designs from 90n to 40n easily. Migrate => Optimize <=> Sensitivity <=> Automatically layout. Bada bing, bada boom...it's done!



Better than Competitor-XL. Completely synchronized, Always crossprobes

Synchronized, Correct by Construction™

Analog Rails is a completely synchronized front to back analog/mixed-signal IC design platform, focusing on correct by construction creation, not verification. Built on OA from scratch without legacy code, Analog Rails uses the same database as Virtuoso.

  • Synchronized schematic, 3D layout, etc
  • Crossprobing at all times
  • Ability to flatten, yet no information is lost
  • Analog expert system with few options to set
  • Primitives act as morphable lego blocks
  • Layout dummies generated in schematic
  • RF fets
  • Mr Checkit, Mr Fixit, Mr Nudgit
  • Calibre interface. Interactive with layout.
  • Parasitics on the fly (sa, sb, sc,...)
  • Mimic layout
  • 3D view
  • Takes 1 day to learn
Simulate layout parasitics at all times

Icon SimulatorWhy wait months to get layout parasitics, such as STI Stress Effects, such as Length of diffusion and well proximity? DC Currents can be off by 20% without knowing these layout generated values. Now setting reltol has more meaning.

Millions of shapes in a second

We did a complete rewrite of our editor the last 4 years to work natively on Open Access. It is fast. We are no longer an analog block creation tool. We now handle the entire chip.

Manual DRC/LVS correct by construction™ layout

Analog Rails LogoMuch more powerful than DRC and LVS, we have Mr. Checkit, Mr. Fixit, Mr. Nudgit. Primitive (fets, caps, resistors, bipolars, and differential structures are generated automatically based on the technology file. No CAD scripts required. Structures snap/repel/permute based on schematic connectivity. Collision avoidance on wiring. It is impossible to have violations.

Never lose crossprobing

Even when flattening the layout, Analog Rails continues to crossprobe the schematic and layout. The circuit designer can always follow the signal...even in 3D!

Automatic dummy creation

Add a dummy to the end of a diffusion group. The dummy will automatically be added to the schematic with the proper connectivity. Schematics and layouts are always synchronized.


Basic platform + full automation.
RCx, IR, EM, Digital P&R, and more.

Analog and Digital Automation

Reduce the former “full custom” IC design cycle from months down to hours. The Analog Rails mixed signal platform is built around the automation tools. With the ability to go bottom to top to bottom to top quickly, do not fear last minute changes...embrace them.

  • Automatic differential structures
  • Automatic analog placer
  • Automatic digital place and route
  • Automatic electrically aware router
  • Differential route with shields
  • Differential aware density filler
  • Automatic power supply mesh
  • Automatic compactor
  • Delete autoroutes, update, re-autoroute
  • EM diagnostics. See EM% on the layout
  • Click onto 2 points. Get IR drop
  • Cx and RCx wiring extraction
  • Takes 1.5 days to learn
Automatic analog routing

Icon RouterOur best feature. Low capacitive routes. Our multi-block and Transistor-level router that also handles differential signals, with wire extensions and shields. We will route 100% of the signals and DRC correct. Routes are EM friendly. Also included a power supply mesh. Well taps automatically generated. Preroutes optional.

Automatic analog placement and differential structures

Icon PlacerSet automatch on, press the "P" button, and enjoy the show. We know analog, and you can expect to see common centroid structures with guard rings, multiple dummies, and extended wells to reduce the STI stress and well proximity effects. Don't trust our layouts? Our name begins with "analog"

Digital place and route

Standard cell layouts will be automatically generated (we don't need your layouts). We will then place them in the most efficient flow based manner. The parasitics will always be backannotated into the schematic at all times. This is perfect for your trimming circuitry, codecs, etc. Now the analog designer can run digital place and route with a touch of a button in the analog environment.

Advanced Layout Diagnostics

Cx backannotated into the schematic, RCx, selected net RCx, EM, IR drop, resistance between 2 points in the layout...we do it all!

Differential aware density fill

Because of our focus on differential signals, we provide density fill that is aware of your sensitive routes and differential structures/wires.